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People ask what does Black History month mean to you? It’s a tough question. I was born and raised in Canada by Caribbean immigrant parents. As a child I was
taught a lot about our culture, food, and customs. Although, my parents also wanted myself and my siblings to be immersed in Canadian culture and
traditions. We took skating, swimming, piano lessons and even ventured onto the slopes in our teenage years. However, we never lost sight that we were Black
and that came with a burden growing up in a predominantly white environment. Although we were Canadians, we didn’t quite fit the mold of model picture shown in the media.

As I have gotten older, I am learning to appreciate and celebrate the differences. My wish for my children is that they grow up in an environment where they
don’t have to be ashamed of the colour of their skin or texture of their hair. That the media will display everyone in an equal light.

During this month, you will hear a lot about Black history and wonder why there is a month to honour our history. My feeling is that everyone should be
aware of the struggles of the past, and celebrate the excellence that comes from our culture.

In this issue we have highlighted three talented people in visual arts, sports and music. Read their stories. When I did, I got a better understanding of how one
person can use their gifts and impact the world.