Did you know…

the average person makes 35,000 decisions in a day?
Majority of these decisions have an impact on our personal finances.

Small decisions like…
What coffee to drink?
What groceries to buy?

Bigger decisions like…
Where to live?
Where to send the children to school?

These are your Financial Moments. The moment a decision is made that alters your financial future.

Do you struggle day-to-day, knowing that you want a better future for yourself and your family?

The Financial Moment can help to obtain create a promising financial future for you and your family. One Moment at a time.

Let’s do this!Let’s do this!

Hey Guys!

I’m Carolyn,

A financial coach that helps parents take everyday decisions and align them with their financial goals.

I have worked in the healthcare sector in Finance for over 25 years, with the last part of a decade as a Finance Manager in Accounts Receivables. Daily, I would watch parents and families struggle with the “unexpected expenses”. Most were living pay cheque to pay cheque, and then an expense would arise that they were not prepared for. The concern and worry that encompassed them was heart breaking.

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Carolyn gave me some very valuable skills with ease and without judgement. She broke things down in a way that I could readily understand and easily apply. Carolyn definitely knows her stuff, which made me relax and smile.


“This podcast has been so encouraging. It’s given me the tools to start and maintain my financial wellness journey. Caroyln’s approach, cadence and tone has empowered me to rest my mindset and target understanding my financial home buying goals in a scalable practical way. Money as a concept is easier to comprehend towards buying a home.. and I feel more positive about how I can use it. I feel safe in this learning space and want to encourage others to share this podcast. Feel free to reach out to Carolyn for support and accountability.”

Nicole Natalie Great Podcast For First Time Homebuyers!