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1.What grade are you in? Eleven
2.What’s your favourite food? You can never go wrong with garlic bread.
3.What’s your favourite colour? The pinky-orange colour of sunsets.
4. What’s your favourite sport? Dance.
5. What’s your favourite past time? I love to read books and play-write scripts, I also love to act and
find new music.
6. What’s your favourite animal? I think elephants and monkeys are pretty cool.
7. What’s your favourite music artist? Either Michael Jackson or Eminem.
8. What’s your favourite school subject? Drama will forever be my favourite class.
9. What’s was your favourite vacation destination? Costa Rica – the culture was beautiful and the trees were
filled with as many different shades of green that you could imagine.
10. What’s your favourite drink? Pineapple Juice is seriously underrated.
11. What’s your favourite snack? Fruits are my go-to snack.
12. Who’s your favourite fashion designer? My childhood friend is a fashion designer, and I have modelled
some of her pieces. What she makes is creative and colourful, and I have always adored them. Her name is
Pravda Lola Faraji.
13. What’s your favourite movie? The original 1960’s Ocean’s 11, starring Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis
14. What’s your favourite YouTube channel? Liam Thompson – he has all these creative ideas that are fun to
15. Who’s your favourite IG influencer? Zendaya, no explanation needed.
16. Name one activity on your bucket list? To watch a play at the Royal Alexander Theatre.
17. What is your dream job? To be an actor, and later a producer. I would also love to work backstage as a
costume designer and a stage manager.
18. Do your prefer Hot weather or Cold? Hot. I love the snow, but the cold and I are not good friends.
19. Name one TV show you grew up watching? The original 1998 Charmed was my childhood favourite.
My comfort character was Phoebe Halliwell.
20. Do you prefer running shoes or heels? I am definitely a heels girl.
21. Do you prefer to dress up or be casual? I will go out of my way to dress up for any occasion.