Hey Guys!

I’m Carolyn,

A financial coach that helps parents take everyday decisions and align them with their financial goals.

I have worked in the healthcare sector in Finance for over 25 years, with the last part of a decade as a Finance Manager in Accounts Receivables. Daily, I would watch parents and families struggle with the “unexpected expenses”. Most were living pay cheque to pay cheque, and then an expense would arise that they were not prepared for. The concern and worry that encompassed them was heart breaking.

I wanted to take my 25+ years of knowledge and experience to help parents create a life that 1) allows them to reach their personal and family financial goals, and 2) prepare them for the “unexpected”.

My life wasn’t smooth sailing. I made silly decisions along the way. My financial journey began with my first jobs. Financial literacy wasn’t taught in schools, and my parents were busy managing their own day-to-day finances, and teaching us kids how to manage our own finances wasn’t on their radar. So when I began my first jobs, the money I earned went primarily to spending. This is a trait that carried on into my adulthood.

Out of university, I was introduced to credit cards. This became another way to extend the amount of money I was spending. With student debt in my hands (along with a finance degree), my now husband and I had our first child. All of our goals changed at that moment. There was another mouth to feed and a future to plan. Our spending habits would have to change. We wanted to provide our son with all the opportunities that life had to offer. Buying our first home was top on our list. I began to study different ways this could be done. We created a strategy and buckled down and saved for the down payment of our first home. It wasn’t easy and we had our ups and downs, but it was totally worth it when we walked through those doors.

I know first hand how difficult parenting can be. Finances play an important role in our relationship with our spouse, the way we raise our children, and even our social lives.

There are so many videos, apps, books, and courses out there that can teach you different techniques to manage your money. The tough part is internalizing these strategies, and changing our habits to create the new life that we want so desperately.

You don’t have to live pay cheque to pay cheque, worrying about that next unexpected expense that derails you. You can provide the life you want for your children, with a little help from a coach.

Now, not only do my husband and I own our family home, we have sent one child through university, with another on her way. We’ve travelled and financed our kids’ multiple competitive sport programs. We’ve invested, and are on our way to preparing for retirement.

The Financial Moment’s mission is to open your eyes to a life of possibilities. Having someone on your side can make the world of difference. Are you ready?

Let’s do this!